The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima.


The Vatican released a fake version of the 3rd Secret in 2000. Father Malachi Martin read the real third secret in 1960. Every person whom claims to be a Christian needs to realize that besides the Holy Scriptures, the Real 3rd Secret of Fatima is the most important document every delivered to mankind.

Father Martin did some audio interviews with Art Bell from 1995-1998. You can find them on you tube and I suggest that you listen to them. From the way Fr.  Martin spoke about God and about Fatima, it seems that he expected the end of the world to happen rather soon. People argue about the Rapture, 1,000-year reign of Christ, and the end of the world. I figure that whatever happens, happens. I just want to be ready because I believe that whilst God is certainly loving and just, God is also a strict judge that hates sin.

Father Martin never revealed the secret word-for-word, because he took an oath. He did however, drop many hints to what the real secret said. The third secret is a prophecy that BV (Blessed Virgin) Mary spoke to three children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

Here are the hints that Fr. Martin gave to us regarding the contents of the real third secret:

*The 3rd Secret was an “either/or” statement. Meaning that either You (John 23rd) do what I tell you in the beginning of the 3rd Secret, OR, if you do not listen to God – then these events will follow. John 23rd did not reveal the real third secret as God instructed; therefore, the Great Apostasy began to unfold and we now appear to be at its perverted summit.

*That a worldwide economic collapse will begin a timeline to a huge change for the entire world. In late-1997 Fr. Martin said in an Art Bell interview that ” It is not 200-years away …. It is not 50-years away …. it is not/now twenty years away … #1. And #2, it involves the entire world’s system.” It is unclear whether Fr. Martin said “not” or whether he said “now”. Either way, if the prophecy is true and from God – then in 2016 or 2017, global financial issues will occur. And listening to other audios of Fr. Martin, it appears the Anti-Christ and False Prophet will be manifested publicly. This change seems to be the beginning of the timeline that leads to the end of the world – beginning of eternity.

*Father Martin spoke of martial law and that the final pope will be under control of the devil.

*The pope whom was supposed to reveal the third secret to the world in 1960, as BV Mary instructed, was John 23rd. He refused to do this and latter called the three children of Fatima “prophets of doom.”

*John the 23rd also once told Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre that the third secret: “does not concern my reign.” This would have been said in the early-1960s’.

*Sister Lucia, who wrote down the third secret, said that it contents referred to “Apocalypse/Revelation Chps. 8 and 13.” These two Chapters refer to the physical punishments/chastisements on planet earth – as well they speak of the public appearances of both the Anti-Christ and The False Prophet. Please read these two chapters to find out what Sr. Lucia was talking about. We should all take some time each day to read the word of God, as it is his gift to us.

Here are three good videos in regards to Fatima:

The Prophecy of Fatima Part 1 of 2

The Prophecy of Fatima Part 2 of 2

Fr. Malachi Martin on Poisoned Popes & Cardinal Siri

(During the 28-29-min. mark of this video, Fr. Martin speaks about China and hegemony. This interview was done in the mid-to-late 90s’.)

And Father Martin said this very important statement as regards the economic collapse:

“All that remains now is for China to be taken into this hegemony; and the thing is completed, then we have trouble.”

Update: Starting in September 2016 – China is now beginning to make their move in the financial realm and this is worth looking into. I am no financial expert and it is worth looking into the current financial situations in the world.

Here is a good video from Jim Rickards that explains what may soon be coming – SDR (Special Drawing Rights).

Jim Rickards China Wants The SDR And Economic Collapse Reports 2

And please remember that there will be worldwide problems on a scale never seen before – so the world is now spiritually and will physically be ready to accept both the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

Also, Fr. Martin said this on Art Bell:

When describing the text of the real third secret (in the late-1990s’), Fr. Martin said: “It’s a very exact description of …what is now happening (the great apostasy) and apparently what is going to happen shortly; but in cold, hard terms. There is no exaggeration or use of adverbs or adjectives or anything like that. It’s a blanket statement; a very factual thing, stated …. ballsy. Without an adulteration, any flourishes, any purple patches.”

One more thing – the real third secret is said to be 20-25 lines long. So it was likely 220-270 total words.





A recent dream that I had.


 I had a dream a little while ago that seems to me to be one of the 100% dreams that always come to fulfillment. In this dream, I was standing in the foyer of a church. The sanctuary was to my left. As I looked into the sanctuary, I noticed the sides of the church seemed to be made of glass and beautiful golden and yellow light was streaming through the windows. It looked very pretty and serene.

I noticed a small number of people sitting in the pews and that there were more people entering the sanctuary to find themselves a seat to occupy. Then, a female voice came from the right of me and said, “We are getting near the end of the world.”

I believe this was the voice of BV Mary. She has spoken to me on several other occasions in dreams. Every time I have heard a male or female voice in a dream, the voice(s) always spoke of action; or the fact that something will happen. These dreams where-in I heard a voice have always been fulfilled with 100% accuracy.


Let us think on God ….

3-Dreams that may point to Major Destruction in 2019/2020.

I want to let everyone that reads this blog know, that I am not saying: “Thus sayeth the Lord !!!!” God has never told me to say those words, therefore I will refrain from doing so. I am doing my best to share what I believe I am being told by Almighty God.

Dream #1 – In this dream – It was light outside and life was going on as usual in the USA. I did see the presence of the military in the USA amongst people.

This is also known as Martial Law and Operation Jade Helm 15. When I had this dream it was in 2014, I had no knowledge of Jade Helm 15.

Dream #2 – I was floating above a city that I believe to be New York City. Suddenly, to my right, I saw either a great cloud of smoke or a great wave of water rush over and fill the entire city, destroying the city in the process. I should point out that it was light out in this dream, but, the light was hazy and not as clear as in the first dream.

Dream #3 – After the first two dreams, I had been praying to God about what was to come in the future and if there was a year that he has in mind to either bring these dreams to pass or to finally judge humanity for its many grave and abominable sins. Shortly thereafter, I had another dream.

In this dream, everything was completely black; almost as black as the dream wherein I saw The Devil. I felt as though major destruction was happening all over the planet Earth, although I did not see any thing specific. I was not afraid at all and I felt that what I was experiencing in the dream was the end of time/end of the world – Or at the very least, a major change occurring on Earth.

I then said out loud in the dream to God, “What year is it ?”

A voice that I have heard before, which I believe is God’s voice, said: “2019”.

These three dreams have the exact same feel, tone, and atmosphere as the hundreds of other dreams that God has given to me – And all those dreams have come to pass exactly as I saw them take place in my dream.

Am I explicitly saying with 100% certainty that the world will end and Eternity begin in the year 2019/2020 ? No. The way I see it is that at the very least, major destruction will occur in the year 2019/2020 – while at the very most, time would end; the final judgment of all souls; and the beginning of the **GLORY** of Eternal Life.

Now, we know that man heretics and apostates have claimed to know the day-and-hour of Jesus’ return – which Christ himself said that no human being can know this. I do not want to come off as though I am one of those types of person(s). I am just a little ant and speck of dust that is doing my best to fulfill God’s Holy Will in my life here on planet earth.

Every single other dream that I have had that has spiritual significance has come to pass — And that list includes hundreds of fulfilled dreams. And all of those dreams “feel” the same; exactly the same. These 3-dreams feel just like those hundreds of dreams, so , we shall see what happens,

I hope the best for the USA and every one. However, we know that God will only put up with so much Sin before he Judges nations and the Earth.

At least God does not abandon us to Hell; he always gives us a “heads-up” and a warning, so we can keep our lamps burning bright and be prepared for his arrival.

And by-the-way, I give all credit to The Holy Trinity and I thank Mary for her help and protection as well. This is about the Glory of God’s Truth, not vapid human opinion(s).


: )

9-Prophetic Dreams that have already been fulfilled.


As I have continued in my Christian walk, God has strengthened my faith in supernatural ways. God has given me the grace to experience around 200 prophetic dreams in the last 10-15 years. I want to share some of those dreams with you.

This particular dream involved my Great Aunt Edith. The majority of my family hates Jesus Christ. Aunt Edith was truly the only family member who respected me for loving the Lord. I was close with Edith and we attended Church together often. Sadly, in late-2004, Edith was stricken with cancer. About six months had passed and Aunt Edith was staying in a nursing home.

On a Sunday night in late-April 2005, before I went to bed, I specifically prayed to the Holy Trinity to please let me know that Aunt Edith would be in Heaven whenever God decided it was time. I lied down and went to sleep. The dream God gave me felt like it lasted about seven seconds, when I had actually slept nine hours.

The dream began with me looking to my right. I saw my Aunt walking with her head bowed. I also noticed that someone or something had their left arm around my Aunt’s waist because I saw a glowing, white arm. The dream then transitioned to the center of my vision so I was able to get a clear look at what God was showing me. As I looked straight-ahead, I saw my Aunt and her Guardian Angel both walking towards me, and they both had their heads bowed. The glowing white arm that I had seen at the beginning of the dream was my Aunt’s Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel was glowing white, with wings and long, flowing hair. My Aunt stood  5’4”, while her Guardian Angel was 7’0” and maybe a bit taller. Behind my Aunt and her Guardian Angel was pure darkness, behind me was pure light.

As they got closer to me, a voice that I believe is God’s voice, spoke two words: “It’s time”. I have heard this voice ten times, this being the first time. Right after Our Father said: “It’s time”, I woke-up because the phone was ringing in my townhouse. I went into the kitchen to answer the phone. It was my grandma, Aunt Edith’s only living sibling who was calling me. I asked her what she was calling about and she said, “The nursing home just called me. Edith just died.”

At the very moment my Great Aunt Edith’s soul left her body, accompanied by her Guardian Angel to receive her personal judgment from Jesus Christ, God The Father said: “It’s time”. When God said: “It’s time”, he meant that it was time for my Great Aunt to leave this physical world (Earth) and enter into the Spiritual World of Eternity. My Great Aunt was rewarded with Eternal Life because throughout her life, she lived out the Will of God.

I know that as Christians we: “Walk by Faith and not by sight”; so we are not to demand supernatural proofs for God’s existence. God, in his mercy, loves us and chooses to give us those signs and proofs of his existence when we need them.

The world, the flesh, and the Devil are our three main enemies that we combat daily in this life. God’s grace fortifies and enables us to be in the world, but not of the world. Every day we make choices about how we are going to live in this world. However, we need to remember that the most important choice we need to make is to embrace God’s Will for us because if we do our own human will, we will be damned to Eternal Punishment in Hell. The Blessed Virgin Mary said to the three shepherd children when she appeared at Fatima in 1917 that: “Most people go to Hell for Sins of the Flesh.” Jesus Christ said: “Ask and you shall receive; Seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.”


In November 2007, I was attending Community College. I was thinking about moving to Seattle to attend a community college and I was praying to God during that time as to what direction God wanted me to head in my life. Several days later, God gave me a prophetic dream.

Dream – The dream began with me seeing a young blonde girl who looked like she was between the ages of 20-23. At first, she was about 25 feet away from me. Then, she began to walk towards me and stopped when she was four feet away from me. As I looked at her, she became very, very angry at me and she yelled out the word: “Sophomore!!” Then, the dream shifted to me walking and to my right I saw a young woman with glasses wearing a red and black graduation cap and I also saw another young woman with shoulder length dark hair and she smiled at me. Now, the dream shifted and I was standing on a sidewalk in a place I had never seen before.

I saw about 20 young women wearing black and red graduation caps and gowns. I looked up to the right and saw that the sky was very gray and miserable looking. I could also barely see the sky clearly because branches from a tree were impeding my view.

The dream transitioned yet again. Now, I saw a tall, young black man wearing a hat (the kind of hat that golfers wear on the golf course) and I walked up to him and shook his hand. He seemed happy to shake my hand and when I shook his hand I felt like he was an Activist of some sort. Finally, the dream ended with me feeling like I was trapped or confined in a small area. I was very frustrated and uncomfortable. I looked to my right and saw two things: a big carpet with a red and white design and two very small rocking chairs. The dream ended with me standing up in a fury to remove myself from the confined area.

Fulfillment of this Dream – In late-August 2008, I moved to Seattle to attend Community College. Two weeks into the Fall Quarter, I was hanging out with some friends in the main student building. These friends were people I had met at a Christian group. As I looked to my left, I saw a young blonde haired woman walking towards me. Guess who that young blonde girl was? It was the same girl that I had seen at the beginning of my dream. I got to know this girl and she and I were friends for one month. Then, one day in November this blonde haired girl (named Elizabeth) abruptly got in an argument with me and she yelled a bunch of nasty words at me for no good reason. Well, our brief friendship ended that day. Remember in the dream she said: “Sophomore!!”; well this occurred during my sophomore year of college.

The next part of my dream was fulfilled in this way: In May of 2010 I had been attending a University in Eastern Washington State when I responded to an advertisement placed on Craigslist. I called the phone number and went to meet with the girl I had spoken to on the telephone. As she opened the door I was greeted by Elizabeth. She was the girl I spoke with on the telephone. She was also the young woman I had seen in my dream who was wearing glasses and a red and black graduation cap. The year I lived with Elizabeth was during her Senior year at University, which is why she was wearing a graduation cap and gown in the dream. God knew exactly where I would live and when I would live there.

The other girl I saw next to Elizabeth in the dream with shoulder length dark hair was one of my roommates in the townhouse where I lived with Elizabeth. This girls name was Christina and I met her in September 2010. She was a nice girl at first, but later she mocked me just liked Elizabeth did because I believe the Holy Trinity is God.

The next part of the dream is me standing on a sidewalk in a place I had never been to or seen before. Well, when I got to University and went on campus for the first time, I had to go to the Financial Aid office. As I was walking on the sidewalk towards the doors of the Fin. Aid office, I suddenly stopped and realized that what I was seeing in front of me was exactly what God had shown me in the dream. It was a cloudy day and I stopped and looked towards my right, towards the sky, and I saw the branches impeding my view exactly like I saw in my dream! In my dream, there were also a number of women wearing graduation attire. Well, I have seen some of those women in the classes I have taken while at University.

So, those parts of the dream have now been fulfilled, but what about the rest of the dream? Well, In March 2009 I decided to take the Spring quarter off and I went to Paradise, California to visit a friend.  I was there for a month. While I was there, I attended an event sponsored by the Woman’s Center at Chico State University, which is a twenty minute drive from Paradise. Mid-way through the event, and after we had eaten lunch, everyone dispersed to the presentation of their choosing. I chose my group and as I was waiting for the presenters, I was talking to several girls. Then, the presenter walked in. Guess who he was? Remember the young, tall black male I had seen in the dream? Well, the presenter was that young black man.

In real life, just as in the dream, he was wearing the exact hat I saw him with in the dream and when he gave his talk I found out he was an Activist on campus. And in the dream, when I shook his hand, I felt he was an activist. It is truly amazing that God knows every detail of our life, every breath, every moment! As narrow as the road to Heaven is for humanity because of the degree of love God asks from us, so God, because he is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscience, will not put any hurdles or stumbling blocks in our way to impede us (His Elect) from gaining the Heavenly and Eternal Reward that he longs to give to us.

After spending one month in California, I moved back to Washington and lived in the Northern part for a month and then returned to Eastern Washington in May 2009 and rented a one-bedroom apartment. I went to pay my rent one day at my landlord’s house and walked into their living room. I looked at the carpet in their living room and it was large, with a red and white design. It was the exact carpet color and design that God had shown me in the dream !! My neighbor near the place that I was renting at the time was a 48-year old Mexican named Abraham. I actually lived with Abraham from September 2009 until the beginning of January 2010 (when I moved to attend University). Well, after living with Abraham for a month, we went to visit his mother.. As we entered the house, I looked into the living room and guess what I saw? Well, I saw two very little rocking chairs; the exact same rocking chairs God had shown me in the dream in November 2007!

The reason I was upset and felt confined in the dream is because as I lived with Abraham, I grew tired of his alcoholism and drug addiction. I shared a medium sized room with him and I believe this is what God was showing me in the dream; that I would feel confined in a small area and by moving out and attending University, I was furiously breaking out of the uncomfortable situation I was in while living with him. So, I moved from Abraham and began attending Univesity in January 2010.  I hope this dream helps you to remember that God loves you; God knows all things; and that Heaven is a true gift.


On a Friday night in 2007, I was watching the 10 pm news and they had a story about a young girl being abused and murdered. It really pissed me off and as I went to sleep that night I begged God to let me understand why he allows these horrible things to happen and to give me confidence that he knows where all the little children are and that he will bring to Heaven those who die as children. As I slept that night, I had this dream.

Dream—I was driving my car and as I approached a stop sign, I looked to my right. Standing on the curb next to the stop sign was a young girl. She looked to be about seven or eight years old. I looked at her and noticed that she was wearing black overalls. The young girl looked at me and smiled.

Fulfillment of the Dream—The next morning I woke up and got ready for the day. A friend of mine called me and asked me if I would pick him up so we could have coffee and talk. I said: “Sure”. I drove over to his house to pick him up and pulled into his driveway. He got in the car  and I pulled out of the driveway and headed up the block towards a stop sign. As I got to the stop sign, I looked to my right and what did I see? I saw a little girl wearing black overalls and she was standing on the curb, just like in my dream. And the little girl looked exactly like the girl God had shown me in the dream, probably seven or eight years old.

I thanked God that he once again proved to me that he is in control of everything. I still get upset at God sometimes, for brief periods of time because of the sins he allows to happen to the innocent and vulnerable, as well as to adults. But, as we age and mature, we come to realize that God demands of us to stay at the Cross with him and surrender our human will to him because we love him. After all, he is the Only Way Home to Heaven.


One evening, I was looking through a local newspaper and I saw a picture of a young girl inside a heart and the caption read: “Happy 9thBirthday” followed by the words: “We miss you even though you are in Heaven.” From what I had read, I assumed this was a memorial to a young girl who had died in her youth. Her parent’s names were printed in the newspaper, so I opened the local phone book, found their address, and wrote and mailed them a letter. In the letter, I wrote how I have had supernatural experiences with God and if they wanted to get together and talk, that I would like to strengthen their faith and share what God has done for me. I also wanted to hear from them what God had done for them in their lives. I mailed the letter the next day. Over a week had passed and they had not contacted me. I was kind of disappointed because I had given them my phone number in the letter, yet I had heard nothing. God then gave me a dream that night.

Dream—This dream was very brief. All I saw was a woman sitting in one of the Lutheran Churches where I had attended a few bible studies. She was alone and there was light streaming in through the churches stained-glass windows.

Fulfillment of the Dream—As I woke-up, I wondered why God had shown me that particular Lutheran Church. I had attended Bible Studies at four different Lutheran Churches, yet he showed me one distinct church. That day I went to work and returned home. In the evening, I received a phone call. The mom of the young girl called to talk with me. We spoke for 20 minutes. At the end of our conversation, I asked her where she went to Church and she said, “First Lutheran Church.” The church that she attended was the exact church that God had shown me in the dream.

The next day, I met this young girl’s mother in-person for the first time. She was the woman that I had seen in the dream sitting inside the church. I had a friendship with her and her family and we both shared a lot of important things about God, Truth, and Life. Let us all pray that one day we can see God face-to-face, just as that little girl beholds God Almighty face-to-face at this very moment; and for All Eternity.


I was living in Butte, Montana and myself and three friends decided to move to Missoula, Montana to work as roofer’s and construction laborers. Shortly after I arrived in Missoula, I was  given this dream from God. This dream and the next dream I will share with you are connected and this will become clear once everything has been revealed. Here is the first dream.

Dream—This dream began with me walking on the top of a tall building. The entire scene of this dream, both the ground and the sky, were very, very black. After I had walked about thirty feet, I stopped because to my right I saw two gravestones. I immediately knew that those two gravestones represented two abortions. I looked straight ahead and a young woman in her early-to-mid 20s had her back to me and she was sitting on the ground. I looked over her back to see her face. At the same time, I noticed that she was holding a young infant, a female child, who looked to be one year old.

Then, I heard the most disgusting blood curdling, demonic and hateful laugh you could ever imagine. It is even hard to explain how grotesque and evil this laughter was. I turned to see where this laughter was coming from, and what I saw was none other than the Devil himself. The Father of Lies appeared to me as the blackest thing I had ever seen. Behind The Devil, the background of the night sky was even blacker than a desert midnight sky without any stars. Yet, The Devil was as shimmering black as possible. I could not see The Devil’s face, but he appeared as a shimmering, even glowing black image. As the Devil laughed, I was not afraid, but rather, I felt immense hatred and enmity towards him. Also, to the left of The Devil, I saw an out-lined image of a demon. I felt as though this demon was like one of The Devil’s “Left-Hand Men” and that this particular demon is the evil spirit that The Devil has assigned to follow me and ruin my life. Then, I woke-up.

Fulfillment of the Dream—After working in Missoula four months, I went to a Church for a Sunday service. By this time in my life, I was praying and studying more, so God was becoming more important to me. After church was finished, I was leaving and I bumped into someone. As that person turned around, I saw who that person was. Can you guess who it was? It was the girl I had seen in my dream! I had never been to this church before, but from my dream I knew this girl had major Spiritual problems in life and I needed to get to know her to understand and fulfill the dream in God’s proper timing. I spent some time with this young woman outside of church and I also met her dad and stepmom. The full contents of this dream will be explained at the end of dream #7.


Here is the second dream that is intimately connected with the first. After spending several months getting to know this girl, I was praying to God about when I should tell her about the dream and try to help her to confess her sins with sincere contrition. Well, on a Friday night, God gave me this dream.

Dream—This dream was brief. I was driving in my car and I stopped at a stop light. I looked across the road and I saw this girl’s step-mom driving her white van and she turned right and headed towards a grocery store.

Fulfillment of the Dream—I woke-up from the dream and it was 10 am. I immediately got in my car and drove. I headed towards the exact stoplight that I had seen in the dream. As I got to the stop light, it turned red, so I had to stop. Then, I looked across the road. What did I see? I saw this girl’s step-mom driving her white van and turning right!! Exactly like the dream. As she turned right, I put on my blinker and turned left to follow her to the grocery store. I waited in the parking lot for her to exit the grocery store so I could talk with her. I waited for thirty minutes and then I saw her coming out of the grocery store. I spoke for almost an hour with her. She confirmed to me that this girl (her step-daughter) had two abortions, which represented the two gravestones I saw in the dream. Also, when this girl had her second abortion, she also had a female child who was one year old, just like in the dream. I told this girls step-mom about the dream; she was shocked and amazed.

Shortly thereafter, I spoke with this girl about the dream. Sadly, she did not even care; she did not repent (at that time); and she told me she hated me and never wanted to speak with me again. The devil indeed was laughing at me during the dream because he has stolen this girl’s soul, and that is his goal; to destroy all of us and bring us into Eternal Hell Fire. Abortion is a serious sin because it is the MURDER of an innocent human being. Let us remember to ask God to shepherd our souls to Heaven, because while on Earth, invisible enemies surround us on all sides.


This dream involves my grandmother. She is nearly 90 years old and I speak with her almost every day. I had this dream in February 2012. I knew this dream was from God, but it was kind of weird.

Dream—In this dream, I saw my grandmother lying on the ground, stiff as a board. I was thirty feet away from her. I was scared in a way, because I was unsure if she was alive or dead. As I looked closer, I also noticed a medium sized pool of blood that had formed near my grandmother’s rectum (butt). Then, the dream ended.

Fulfillment of the Dream—I had this dream in February 2012 and I really thought about this dream often, then one day I just stopped thinking about it. Well, in late-April 2012, after I had gotten home from school, my dad called me.

He said that I needed to call the hospital because my grandmother was in the hospital. I asked him why she was in the hospital and he replied, “Last night she went to the bathroom and all that came out of her rectum was blood.” That is why God showed me the blood near her rectum in the dream. The Holy Ghost then reminded me of that dream. She lived through this incident, but when I told her about the dream, she scoffed at me.


This dream is very brief and involves a teacher at University. I took a Philosophy class from him in Fall 2011. He is very opposed to Christ and his teachings.

Dream—I saw Padre Pio carrying a cross. Padre Pio had the Stigmata and was given many mystical gifts by the Holy Ghost.

Fulfillment of the Dream—I went to class that day and I arrived late. As I sat down and pulled out my notebook, this teacher, who was giving a lecture, looked at me and said, “It is like some unwanted Stigmata!” This teacher knew I was a Christian and that is why he made this arrogant statement. He is a nice guy for the most part and he never discriminated against me when he graded my papers; and he allowed me to share my opinions during class. God gave me this dream to remind me that he knows EVERY detail, EVERY word that we speak. Padre Pio was given the Stigmata as a grace to save his own soul and direct others to the cross of Christ.  Remember that life is not a game and God is watching and keeping track of all we say and do to other people. Continue to Carry Your Cross  J


God gave me this dream in October 2009, on a cloudy day while I was living in Eastern Washington. This dream involves me seeing a young woman I had never seen before.

Dream—On a Thursday night in mid-October 2009, God gave me this dream. In the dream, I walked into the public library. I sat down at a computer and began to type. After a few seconds, I looked to my right and saw a girl seated next to me at a computer. She was of a medium build, with medium length blonde hair and glasses. This young woman turned to look at me and she said, “Where do you go to college?” Then, the dream transitioned, and we were lying down on our sides across from each other. We were talking to each other and I could tell that what I was telling her eased her mind and made her feel happy. Then, the dream ended.

Fulfillment of the Dream—I awoke that morning and went to class. In the afternoon, I headed for the public library to type a school assignment. As I sat down and began to type, I looked to my right and guess who I saw? The blonde girl that I had seen in the dream. Her hair was medium length and blonde, and she was wearing glasses. This young woman looked at me, and saw my college textbook and remarked, “Where do you go to college?” The precision and accuracy of this dream even shocked me a bit. We talked for a few minutes and she said she was going to leave. I knew that God wanted me to talk with her so I suggested that we go get a cup of tea or coffee at a nearby coffee shop. We arrived at the coffee shop and as we began to talk, she started telling me many personal things, like how she was conceived by rape; she personally had been raped and molested many, many times; and that she was into New Age religious beliefs.

I began to talk with her and tried to help her through those difficulties she has had in life. As I spoke with her, just as in the dream, I could tell that what I was telling her was easing her mind and comforting her. After an hour of talking, I drove her home to the house where she was staying. I then old her about the dream God gave me. I told her to always remember what Jesus Christ said to us at the end of John, Chapter 15, Verses 26-27: “When the Advocate (Holy Ghost) comes whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth (Holy Ghost) that proceeds from the Father, he will testify to me. And you also testify, because you have been with me from the beginning.” (The Original Latin text reads: “And you testify, because you are with me from the beginning.”)