We are now half-ways through the 5-Month Fatima Time-Frame and a recent dream that I had.


I was hesitant to even write this post, but I figure that I should. This the 100-year Anniversary of The Fatima Revelations, which occurred b/t May 13, 1917 and October 13, 1917. So, that is a five month time frame and about 150-total days. In our times, notice how things were relatively quiet for the first 75-days (May 13, 2017 to July 28, 2017) and now things may well pick up pace to fulfillment and set the stage for major, life-altering world events in the near future.

This US-Russia Sanctions bill is now presented out there and this is happening right @ the mid-way point of these 150-days. On the nite b/f this US-Russia Sanctions bill was made public, I had a dream. I am not going to go into detail about this dream, as it is not exactly what I would call a 100% Divine Dream. This is more of a common sense prophetic dream, with additional insights that Only God The Father would know.

See video if you may, for more details on the so-called Cold War 2.0:

CrossTalk: Bullhorns: Sanctions War (EXTENDED VERSION)

Imo, there are four types of dreams:

*Dreams that derive from our own thoughts/lusts/fears/etc./etc.

*Dreams allowed by God that come from The diabolical will of The Devil/Evil Spirits.

*Divine, Prophetic Dreams sent from God for his purposes and details/ events are revealed THAT ONLY HE COULD KNOW INFALLIBLY.


*Common Sense Prophetic Dreams w/ dabs of additional insight meant to enlighten us on specific situations in life

For example, a common sense dream would be like if on a Monday afternoon, the weather person said a tornado is coming within the next 24-hours. So, you are prepared and know that something is likely to come and you and others will experience it. Then, you go to bed and God could give you a dream where-in he tells us the exact path of the tornado; what business bldgs. will be destroyed; how many people will be killed; the total $$$$ cost of damage due to the tornado; etc. Then, you awaken the next day and things play out just as God showed you in the dream. That is what I would call a common sense prophetic dream.

What I will say about the dream I recently had is that if it is true, then from now until either October 13, 2017 – Or at least by Halloween 2017, events will occur in our government and on the world-stage. Is this the End of The World right now, or some type of Rapture ? In my opinion, certainly not.

However, if God The Father is the True God – he does things on Earth in a very precise and ordered way. He is the exact opposite of us and when we focus our scattered little minds to contemplate and fathom the reality of his Divine Power and Divine Knowledge, we are left absolutely speechless. Heck, it makes me wanna drink a strong glass of Scotch just to distract my intellect from The True Infinity of God. Might as well add a cigarette to the mix as well to help me relax. I am just thankful that I am not God and do not have to concern myself with the free-will actions of all Creation.

The point regarding the dream I had is this: If it is True and From God, just be prepared. Whatever the Future holds, Jesus said that if we do/live out God’s Will, we will go to Heaven. Amen and Amen.

Matthew 7:21: “Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

God Bless

The First Time I spoke with the Blessed Virgin Mary and 2-Other Dreams.


About a decade ago, while in my teenage years, I was beginning to receive prophetic dreams. I did not fully understand them at first and their significance. This dream was the first major dream in which I began to understand My Divine Calling and The Divine Authority which God The Father has given to me. After this particular dream, I have had over 200-dreams since then, so these supernatural happenings began to seem normal to me. I could make this web-site very lengthy and publish all these dreams, but I think it would be a waste of time for people to read, as I only hope to share what I feel is pertinent to Prove The Existence of God.

Now, back to this particular dream. At this time, I was in conflict with my family and was still not legally an adult, so I was under their roof, so to speak.  I had shown my family that I was not willing to play along and participate in their mortally sinful lifestyles. I was beginning to openly rebuke them and challenge them. This really pissed them off and my mother specifically was plotting against me. This is the same woman that told me if she had known that I wanted to be virtuous and good in my life, that she would have aborted me. Do not be surprised by this, as babies are killed every day acrost planet earth. Since my mother could not kill me in the womb, she wanted to abort me when I was alive.

I will not go into detail about what transpired, as it is really not important. What is important is the nite b/f my family hatched their plans to destroy me, The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to me in a dream and told me things that were to come. I have seen BV Mary twice in dreams (also I believe I heard her speak once), this being the first time. I could not see her clearly, but I could feel a strong motherly love/concern that she had for me. I did not speak to her, but she spoke to me in detail about Future things that God The Father was going to allow to happen to me. She explained to me that I must accept these things that he will allow to happen. She also revealed to me the many wicked sins of past generations of my genetic lineage. She also spoke about other things that I will keep b/t Her and I. I felt a tremendous peace and then the dream ended.

I woke-up and next morning and things played out just as she had said. I did not speak of it to my family, as I know Christ would not want me to waste words on them. I was raised Methodist and not Catholic, so there was never any emphasis on Devotion to BV Mary. I really hate the words “Protestant” and “Catholic”, as they cause such vitriol and angst b/t people. I just want to confirm to people that BV Mary is the Spiritual Mother of All of Humanity, whether that person is currently a Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, so on and so forth. If a soul is an elect soul, then they will see God with their mind (aka the Beatific Vision) for All Eternity in Heaven and the names of the different religions they were raised in will no longer remain. What does remain is Spiritual Love from The True God that goes on Forever.

The next dream involves my cousin. She had been having problems with drugs (meth specifically) and alcohol. One night, I had a dream where I saw her sitting in my paternal grandparents kitchen, in the seat where I used to sit when I ate dinner with my grandparents. She was wearing a prison jump-suit, the kind you wear when you are locked-up @ The County Jail. She looked ashamed and worried about herself. Then, the dream ended.

The next day, I found out that my cousin had been pulled-over on the road and arrested for speeding. The officer also found meth, pot, and an open bottle of booze in her car. She ended up going to court and being sentenced to 60-90 days in County Jail, just as my dream indicated. After she got out, she began a job as a masseuse and it was more convenient for her to stay at my apartment during the week, so she did. I explained to her about the dream and she believed it.

She has since cleaned herself up, and is now married and a productive member of society. I myself once dabbled in drugs – mostly marijuana and I also tried cocaine 3-times. I really liked cocaine the first time I did it, and I promised God that I will not get hooked on it, as long as he give me the Grace to control myself. With pot, after I woke-up one morning, I gave the rest of my pot (about 6-grams) to a friend and said to God: “Alright God, that is it – no more drugs for me.” Since then I am clean and will not go back.

This next dream happened a few years ago and involved a roommate of mine. At a place where I was living, one guy moved out and the room was available until a new person moved in two weeks later. During those two weeks, I had re-occurring dreams of when I was in 4-6th grade. I was in my school looking for a good friend of mine at the time. We will call this friend John (as I do not know if he would want me using his real name). In the dream, I was wandering through the school looking hastily for my friend. I could also feel the presence of BV Mary and that Spirit of Motherly Love in this dream, like I have felt in the three other dreams I have had involving BV Mary.

After two weeks of these dreams, the room was filled w/ a roommate. Can you guess what his name was ? His name was John, of course. Right after he moved-in, those dreams stopped and I no longer was looking for my childhood friend at the school. I believe that God The Father and The BV Mary gave me these dreams about John cause they have a special love and protection for him that is only bestowed upon The Greatest of God’s Friends. After getting to know John, I understand why God gave me this dream cause he is a Genuine Man and I am glad to have met him in this life.

God Bless



This Web-Site; Hatred of Our Lives in This World; and the One Big Problem we as Humans all share in.

Why did I create this Web-Site ? The main reason is b/c I love people and I want everyone to go to Heaven. I understand the frustration and anger people have towards God, as I have felt those pangs for many years and still do. If there really is no Heaven where-in Justice lieth …. and no Hell where Mortal Sin is appropriately punished, then why even exist ? I have sometimes yelled @ God that I would have rather not even existed, than to live in a world over-run w/ Sin. One day I settled on the fact that since I do exist and if there is a God, then I want to exercise due diligence and find out what is True Vs what is False.

Also, I feel that is my responsibility to Share these Truths of God. If what I have said turns out to be some sort of fantasy or some kind of an on-going series of psychic visions – then people can judge and condemn me if they wish as a dastardly Deceiver. If what I have said and described does come to pass, then let The Holy Trinity receive all credit. I am nothing more than a messenger and a depraved, sick man (according to God’s strict standards) in need of God’s Grace to maintain my Justification b/f Almighty God.

I also know how it feels to be abused/molested by older female-and-male relatives; the loneliness and depression that stems from being forgotten and hated for doing what is right; how it feels to be lied too and lied about; etc.; etc. We all know how our own sins and the sins of other people hurt and affect us. God and Truth are the anti-dote of immortality that can heal us and help us persevere in this filthy world.

Jesus Christ said in John 12:25: “Itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world, keepeth it unto life eternal.” I have come to realize in my sojourn through life that I am the problem and not other people. Whether or not other humans love us or hate us – we need to withdraw in a sense into the depths of ourselves and be honest with whom we are. When we are along w/ God in our personal judgment, we need to be prepared – as God has all knowledge and you cannot punk him in the end.

And finally, the One Big Issue I think all humans have is the God Problem. In brief, we all have to come to the point in our adult life that we stop bossing God around. God will hold us accountable to what he has revealed to us and shared with us. It is easy to hate God in this life for what he allows to happen. However, God The Father came into this world and incarnated himself as Jesus Christ – and we all know how well he was treated. The more good he did, the more he was hated by religious leaders. The so-called common people loved him and they are Forever Rewarded.

Jesus said in John 20:29: “Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed.” Now none of us have seen what the 12-Apostles saw with their very eyes. However, The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy (Apocalypse/Revelation 19:10). Prophecy is the invisible God sharing w/ humanity something that only he could know and something that will infallibly occur in the visible world.

So, if he grants us the grace(s) to actually reveal Future Events to us, should we not bow in humble appreciation to him ?  What does this tell us about God’s Love For Us ? Does it not mean that he Loves Us …. Of course he does. Think of how many Holy Men and Women have longed to see what we see, and know what we know. Faith and Hope will eventually pass away – But, Love remains Forever. Jesus said in Mark 10:15: “Amen I say to you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter into it.” Let us little humans work on dropping our pride that opposes God and let us instead choose to Love One Another.

God Bless You


I think my Mom is going to Hell …


I had a dream in August 2012 about my mom. In the dream, I was standing in my paternal grandparent’s house, in the living room. My paternal grandfather (the guy that raised my Dad, as I described earlier that man is not his biological/genetic Father) had a green couch that he used to sit on and play cards and watch tv. Well, my mom was sitting in the exact spot on the far left of the couch, where the grandfather used to sit.

I should also mention this paternal grandfather is one of the three relatives that my Great Aunt confirmed to me is in Hell Forever (please see earlier web-site post for details – Post is titled: “Relatives in Hell”). In the dream, I was about eight feet away from my mom, standing and looking at her. My mom was crying and looked to be in  terrible pains. Her cheeks below the right-side of her face had heavy and deep ridges in it from all the tears she was shedding. There was a four-inch thick, heavy dirt caked coating surrounding her. It stretched over-and-around her head and entire body. There were bugs, worms, maggots and other filthy thing crawling all over this dirt.

I was not sad or shocked at what I saw and I wondered if this is how she will look for All Eternity in Hell, if she indeed is going there. I then looked closer at my mom and her left eye appeared yellow, with a black slit in it – like you would expect a snake’s eyes to look. Then, the dream ended.

I have thought about this dream and it did feel like one of those dreams that God would give to me. If she indeed does go to Hell, would I be sad …. No, I  would not be sad. Why ? B/c, I believe God is fair and does not play favorites. Knowing the life she has chosen to live, she deserves to be there.

How many other people have thought they were going to Heaven, and then they end up in Hell ? I would imagine 1,000’s of people each day may well think they are good w/ God. Then, when those soul ends up in Hell – imagine how they feel when they are left alone in the dark and have to admit to themselves that they have destroyed the entire reason for why God made them.

God Bless and Take Care

Cocaine, Apostasy, The Vatican and A bit more Info. on The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima.


For those that are unaware of the recent abominations occurring in the Vatican, check out this video:

Top Expert: Trump Behind Takedown Of Global Vatican Pedophile Network

I wonder what St. Peter and the Apostles think of this BS ? They probably cannot stop puking for sickness, while they shake their heads in tearful disgust. Notice this is all being exposed around the same time as the 100-Year Anniversary of The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima (July 13, 1917 – July 13, 2017).

Here is a video from a Fr. Malachi Martin video in which he says (regarding the Real 3rd Secret of Fatima): “It also involves Russia and Ukraine. Everything will happen before November 2017.” This would have been said on the Art Bell show in the mid-to-late 1990s’ by Fr. Martin.

Fatima : 1996 Fr Malachi Martin interview Third Secret involves Russia and Ukraine

Other notable dots to connect with Fatima and The Devil’s attack on The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) are:

*Pope Leo XIII had his Supernatural Experience after Mass on October 13, 1884 (please see link below for more details). The Last Apparition of BV (Blessed Virgin) Mary was October 13, 1917.

The Vision Of Pope Leo XIII

*Pope Pius XII, the last True Pope – was ordained Bishop on May 13th, 1917. The First Apparition of BV Mary was also May 13th, 1917.

*Anti-Pope John 23rd announced the Apostate Vatican 2 Council on January 25, 1959. On that same month/day in 1938, great lights appeared in the sky over Europe as BV Mary said – and Hitler then proceeded to start W. W. II.

Quick Review on the 3-Secrets of Fatima:

*The First Secret was a Vision of Hell, when Mary showed the Fatima Children many souls being tortured in the fires of Hell. She appeared in 1917, and W.W. I had already begun, so there was no need to give a Prophecy of a coming W.W.

*The Second Secret was Mary telling the children (she actually only spoke w/ Lucia, as Jacinta only heard Mary and Francisco only saw Mary during these apparitions) that if people do not repent and amend their lives, God will use a 2nd W.W. to punish mankind. A “night illuminated by an unknown light ….” was the sign God used to show his forthcoming punishments to fulfill the 2nd Secret/1st Prophecy of Fatima.

*From what we know of the Real 3rd Secret of Fatima, it involves Apostasy from God. Also, based on what Fr. Martin said – the process to a major change on earth, or the End of The World, begins with economic upheaval that starts no later than 2017. It also then would seem to follow suit that these global struggles would lead to the Rise and Public Appearance of The AC (Anti-Christ) and FP (False Prophet). One could speculate that after this brief period of false peace, that the 3-Day’s of Darkness would occur, followed by W.W. 3 and the Return of Christ/Final Judgment/Beginning of Eternity.

Now, if none of this happens – then no harm, no foul. It is certainly a possibility more-so now than ever before in human history. As The Bible says, God The Father is the Divine Being in control of times and moments, so we shall see what he decides to do. We need also laugh at the Apostate “Catholics” that lie about the totality of what Mary said at Fatima. By the RCC hiding and lying about The Real 3rd Secret, they are essentially slapping The Holy Mother of The Son of God in the face. How do you think the Holy Trinity feels about this – and do you think such a Willful Sin will go Unpunished ?

As well, we should laugh at Heretic “Protestants” that, when seeing the facts of the matter layed out b/f them – still deny The Dogmas God The Father has infallibly promulgated about his well-beloved daughter, BV Mary. This is what happens when you follow the twisted logic of a confused man like Martin Luther. I am not against Luther and in many ways I sympathize w/ the man. I respect him for the fact that he stood-up against the Sins of the RCC hierarchy. However, he is not an Infallible Prophet, nor is he some sort of Apostle God The Father sent in the 16th Century to re-write The Faith established by The 12-Apostles of The Bible. Many Catholic prelates were at the time of Luther very wicked – and now these days, those whom sit in St. Peter’s are rightfully so the most evil souls in the History of the RCC and Humanity.


Let us not be surprised about this – as many Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants intentionally LIE ON GOD ALL DAY LONG. This is why we as humans need Sanctfying Grace, b/c without this Grace – society falls apart. What happens when reprobate humans oppose God The Father and destroy his Chosen Church Service – The Latin Mass ? Well, we end up with the kind of world we see in the year 2017. What else can be done by wicked humans to spit in the face of God, that is not already done every day ? Yet, he still puts up with us ….  for a little while, any ways.

All of this “God Stuff” …. Well, this is either one hell’uva an accident, or God The Father has a Divine Mind, Plan, and Power that we cannot even begin to fathom. I have to readily admit that I have no idea how all of this works. What I do know is that I seem to be in the middle of these Sacred Mysteries of Faith, and I am doing my best to comprehend these realities that are WAAYYYY over my puny little head. The longer we live and the more God enlightens us to what is True – the more disgusting the World looks, doesn’t it.

God Bless

The Machination of Humans ….

John 13:35 – “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.”

Here is a dream that reminds me to Obey Jesus and Love those whom he has put in our lives, even if our flesh tells us not too do so. It also is a stern reminder of the vindictive judgment of Almighty God and the punishments he will inflict on those whom hate him.

Several years ago, I rented a room from a man named Alan. He was nice for two months and then fell into his sociopathic tendencies. One day he flipped out for no reason, called the cops, and lied that I was causing him problems. He could be a whiny, passive-aggressive type person that you want to avoid. This caused me to have to leave the rental and immediately find a new place. I left this rental in early-December.

I moved to a nearby town and did not see or communicate with Alan again. Well, I did see him a few months later in February at Safeway. And God told me I would see him there.

Dream about Alan.

I had a dream one February nite where-in I was walking into Safeway and as I walked to the back of the store, I looked to my left. Guess whom I saw in the dream, leaning on his cane and staring at frozen chicken ? The little genius named Alan. Then, the dream ended.

So, I awoke the next day. I had to get some food, so I went to Safeway. I was not particularly thinking about the dream. While, when I go towards the back of the store I took a gander to my left to see what I would see. Can you figure out what I saw ? Oh, Yes …. LOL …. I saw Alan looking at the frozen chicken, just like God showed me in the dream.

If Alan continues on in this path of hating innocent people, he is a confirmed reprobate. A person like him stupidly thinks HE is using people, when in actuality that is not true. What is really going on is God The Father creates reprobate souls so that he can TEST the virtue of the good. Look at all the nastiness Jesus had to face from wicked men/women. Just as Jesus was tested, we will be tested so we can PROVE our Love for God The Father and reside in Heaven with him for All Eternity. God The Father uses theses reprobate souls for his purposes, and then when he is done w/ them – they go to Hell, …. Never to be heard from again.

I have committed many sins in my life, despite the multitude of graces and supernatural experiences God has given to me. When I consider all the times I have fantasized about incest with my mother and aunt; masturbated to pornography; got angry and told God I hate his guts for the abuse he allowed me to live through in my life; felt like getting angry and enacting revenge; etc.,;etc. When I consider who and what I truly am b/f God, and the fact that he still puts up my with my butt – I realize that I have to accept my life in this world and hope for a Better Eternity.

I am thankful to God and I remind myself each day not to irrationally judge anyone, as I do not know every detail of their life and the pains they have lived through. Time passes and the things of this life fade away. All we take w/ us to our Personal Judgment is the Love or Hatred we have for God. I definitely want to be on God’s side, cause when it comes down to it – Nothing else really matters.

God Bless

The necessity of The Reformation.


Some people may think that I sound too “Catholic” or too “Protestant” in my website posts. I never have thought much about applying either of those titles to what I believe about Almighty God. Personally, I do not care to label The Holy Trinity with any particular human name/description as such.

We know the teachings and doctrines are different and sadly, this leads to insane and unreasonable barriers being erected w/o hearing out the other sides thoughts. When you use a word like Catholic VS Protestant, humans take sides and blindly obey/submit to the ideas of man and ignore the plain Supernatural Facts of God. The word “Catholic” means universal and the first Christians were called Catholics. The word “Protestant” means protesting against the pervasive problems in the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) since the 12th Century.

Clearly, a Reformation was necessary and God allowed it to happen. However, God does not approve of then throwing away 1,500-years of Christian Truth that came before. I believe that God is flexible with those of good-will, in the sense that he gives free-will to humans and allows the actions of others to affect us – both positively or negatively.

If our souls were put into bodies in the 5th Century, all true believers would go to Confession; attend Mass; and receive Holy Communion. However. the human soul has been under satanic assault since 1960; Vatican 2; and are living through the dredges of the Great Apostasy and therefore, God is much more flexible with humanity and puts us where he wants us.

Jesus said we get into Heaven by doing his will and not by attending a certain Church building. I mention this b/c some Protestants have not liked that I attend or believe in  any thing termed “Catholic”. However, I have found it to be MUCH easier in my experiences to get along with those that identify as Protestant when compared to the hard-line Catholics . My dealings with Traditional Catholics, Sedevacantists especially – have always ended in me being booed, if you will – out of their Church cause I dare question anything.

Luckily, I do have close friendships with several Traditional Catholic Priests and Bishops, which derive their ordination orders from The Old Catholics – which is traced back to Pope St. Gregory The Great and all the way back to the 12-Apostles. There are some very nice Believers I have know that identify as Catholic and they are suffering spiritually when they see and experience the ravages of The Great Apostasy. They know and understand what is going on within their Church and they are in a tough bind, w/ the influences of family and friends.

If I was around in the 12th Century when Pope Calixtus II decided to create the evil discipline of clerical celibacy – I would have stood up myself or with others to oppose that pernicious doctrine of devils. If I was around in the 16th Century, I would have helped Luther at first to reform the RCC. However, he and I would have disagreed on key issues (Mass and Holy Eucharist being the main ones, as I certainly would not have changed either of those Gifts of Grace) and we would have split and gone our separate ways.

Well, …. Is that any real surprise. When it comes too: religion – morality – and politics, watch out – as we human can easily build up cement walls and close ourselves off from the thoughts of others. We do not have to agree, but what is healthy about hating people and not giving them a chance to share their beliefs and reasoning ?

God is still objective and ultimate truth and does not bow-down or change for any one – nor does he care what any fake pastor, fake priest, fake bishop, or anti-pope has to say about what is True in Heaven. Does God care what I think ? Heck no – who am I to tell God anything. If I feel God has told me something, then I shut my mouth and do what I am told. Whether or not I like God’s rules – or whether or not I agree w/ how God does things, he is not going to change just cause I may whine or be upset and pissed at him.

Just the ways things seem to be in time-and-space. As time keeps on ticking towards the year(s) 2019/2020, there is nothing You or I can do about what may or may not happen on planet earth during that time-frame. We have the freedom to Love God and Trust God with our eternity and the eternity of those whom we Love and Cherish.

Peace Be With You