Here are some details about myself.


Here are a few details about myself:

I am a young, white male and in my youth, I was a good baseball player (Shortstop) and Football player (WR). Since I do not have time to play sports, I spend a few hours each week playing PS-4 to enjoy my love of sports.

I have attended University in the past and have been accepted into three Protestant and two Catholic Seminaries. The real issue I had with the Catholic Seminary is the fact that they do not allow marriage. I Love God and The  Brothers, but РI am not capable of being around men 24/7. I always loved being around women and interacting with them emotionally and spiritually. Apparently, God had different plans for me to serve him best. I believe that in this life, he guides us into the Truth(s) he expects us to value and share with others.

I am married to a African woman from Kenya, whom is also a believer In Jesus Christ. We did not go the “legal” route of marriage, as she preferred for us to not get a marriage certificate. She wanted it to be more of a spiritual agreement b/t Her and I, and God.¬†She is a very private person. I am more gregarious and open, which she considers “weird”. Also, she is working and studying to become a Physician’s Assistant.

One year before I met her at a campus bible study, God gave me a dream where-in I heard her voice speak. I could not see her in the dream, but – I knew she was dark-black and that she was the greatest gift God would give me. One year later, I saw her for the first time at the bible study and knew it was her. I had to ease her into my supernatural life, as it can be a bit too much. LOL. And so I did – and she accepts the Truth.

I am not a bigot and am open-minded. I believe that Christ is the Son Of God and the only way to Heaven. I do believe that we are living in the last days of the world. Do I claim to be a Prophet and/or Apostle ? Well, …. I claim that I am a Christian and want to live out God’s Will. Whatever titles humans, angels, or God Almighty want to give me is fine with me.

Take Care