The Role of BV Mary in Our Salvation and Lying Clergy.

Preface: BV Mary is short for Blessed Virgin Mary.


Let us get the Co-Redeemer trash out of the way immediately. That is Vatican 2 Blasphemy to say Mary somehow saved us. If God The Father wanted that to be proclaimed as a Solemn Dogma, then he would have done so b/f he allowed The Great Apostasy to begin in 1958. Only Christ can save and that is Bible Truth, so please do not believe statements to the contrary.

God The Father is the Creator and has a plan for his creation. This efficacy of power is beyond our natural realm and above our spiritual minds eye to fathom and understand. The fact that he has a specific plan for each soul is A Dogma of Faith. We are gifted with the free-will to make choices in this life that lead to specific rewards/punishments in either Heaven or Hell.

BV Mary is the one human being that is nearest to God and is most prominent in his saving plan. For example:

*Genesis 3:15 – First Prophecy of the Bible, dealing with Jesus, Mary, and The Devil.

*Luke, Chp. 1 – The Angel Gabriel came from Heaven to Mary at the Annunciation.

*Revelation 12 – Can be thought of as BV Mary and Jesus (See also September 23, 2017)

*The Fatima Prophecies of 1917.

This proves that BV Mary is the Greatest Saint; Greatest Prophetess (Jesus of course is The Greatest Prophet, as he is God); Greatest Apostle: Greatest Matriarch/Patriarch and the list goes on. There are liars like Father Nicholas Gruner; Bill Salus; and many others that Lie about BV Mary. In the end, what is True will be proven True and those Truths exist outside of time and space, in the very bosom of God himself.

Remember how the Bible says The Church was in the beginning, with The Original 12-Apostles ? Well, Truths were made know then and True Believers believed what The Apostles preached and taught.

Acts 2: 44: And all they that believed, were together, and had all things common.

Then, time passed and centuries lingered towards where we are today. Truths are being revealed to people via The Holy Ghost, as Christ said in John 14: 26-29:

26 But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.

27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.

28 You have heard that I said to you: I go away, and I come unto you. If you loved me, you would indeed be glad, because I go to the Father: for the Father is greater than I.

29 And now I have told you before it comes to pass: that when it shall come to pass, you may believe.

The Truths we are understanding today are the epitome of what Jesus said would happen. The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima proves Truths that many deny and strive to hinder, such as:

*The Establishment of The Papacy by Christ.

*The Dogmas attributed to BV Mary.

*The Divinity of The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) before The Great Apostasy of Vatican 2. (Consider the fact that if the first Christian were named Protestant, then Martin Luther would have led The Catholic Reformation and all Protestants would be named as Catholics. See how dumb humans are when they get caught up in names/titles.)

*The Validity and Truth of The Mass; Confession; Holy Eucharist; Devotions: etc., etc.

Do I hate The RCC ? Do I hate The Protestants ? Absolutely not. I Love God first, and people second. God is the Truth and those in the Novus Ordo Church (Post-Vatican 2) deserve to know what has happened and how God feels about the situation in which they find themselves. They are not at all responsible for what that slob, bastard Anti-Pope John 23rd did and how it has affected Christ’s Church. As well, The Protestants that love Jesus and Mary need to understand how their leaders have yet failed to tell them straight-dope truth about whom God The Father is and his creative plan.

Nary in these days of Apostasy will any Priest or Preacher tell their flock these hard facts. Therefore, those whom are The Elect of God (whether identifying as Protestant/Catholic) will be drawn by God The Father to seek that which is True. When God see’s our good-will, he is over-joyed and in no-wise will he abandon us. He loves us in the deepest possible ways and does not want any of us to go to Hell Forever.

If what I have shared in this web-site is backed and approved by God, then why the heck would I care if every single Priest/Preacher rejects what I say; back-bites at me; slanders and mocks me; and dismisses what I say as they carry on in their merry way ? Fact is obvious from those that I read through this web-site: I just do not care what they think. I still love them and I hope they love me, but – I will not hide things that I feel are True in the mind/plan of God.

These days, I keep my mouth shut and choose to listen much more than I have in the past. I refer people to this little web-site and then go from there. I do not debate or argue …. Why ? Cause I always lose – even if I am right and can prove it. LOL !!!! Such is the way religious dealings go. I am going to one day die, and be judged by this God from whom I claim to have received Divine Revelation. If I have misrepresented God, where do you think he will put me ? He will put me in Hell and Torture me forever and probably even laugh at me.

The problem with corrupt clergy is the God Problem, not a problem with me. Most clergy need to “grow a set” and look in the mirror. I understand why people do not want to go to Church or associate with some Christians. Their heads can oft be stuck in the clouds and will remain there. They want approval from other stupid humans; a retirement plan; fancy dinners and drinks; and other lascivious pleasures of life.

We do know the first line of the Real 3rd Secret of Fatima and google that if you want to see what it is. Maybe I can expand on what I think it means and connect more dots. Essentially, humans cannot totally be blamed for their initial reaction to Infallible Truth(s) from God. Why ? Because they lack direct contact with God, as these Truths are only revealed via Divine Inspiration. When we as humans can and will be blamed and judged is when we receive clear, concise Spiritual Truth and we reject, mock, spurn, deride and hide it.

The lingering and stagnant problem that will likely continue until The 2nd Coming is this: That rarely will a Catholic/Protestant Preacher PREACH THE FULL TRUTH OF THE DAYS WE LIVE IN, AND THEY WILL NOT PROPERLY ACKNOWLEDGE FATIMA AND MARY’S ROLE IN GOD’S PLAN. They pimp God and play with his Mysteries and Spiritual Truth(s). Then, these priests/preachers preach to US about whom Jesus is …. when they LIE out the side of their mouths non-stop. What a joke …. The beat goes on …. and on and on and on …. Blah …. Blah …. Blah …..

Recently, I decided to remove and re-word a few posts recently. I thought more about what I had written and realized it was not necessary and I was injecting some of my own opinions into those posts. I could mention several dreams of personal things God has told me about people I have known and lived around. That is really not necessary, as it does not apply to Our Walk with Christ.

When God has given those dreams to me, it is usually to share the state of that persons soul with me and secrets of life that only he see’s. I will then either try to help the person, or I will just keep the information private and pray for that person. I also should not use rough or overly vulgar language, as that is sinful. I want to keep this web-site about The Business of God and only write things that I feel God would deem necessary.

I am doing my best to understand and share what I feel is True. I could be totally wrong when I share my opinions on things. When it comes down to Knowledge of Future Events, I (rather, God) have never been wrong. Some of the dreams I have had do not seem 100% true as I experience the dream, but – mostly true. Those are dreams, which I call “common sense” prophetic dreams. Despite my feelings, those dreams have still been fulfilled w/ 100% accuracy. I just think it may be unnecessary to label them as such.

As I have said before, God gets the credit and not me. I am terrified by the Power and Strictness of God and I do not think he is a “nice guy” (according to human terms), if you will. I do not think he is a blood-thirsty monster, either. The “2019” dream and the other in-depth dreams I shave chosen to share DO feel vivid and 100% accurate, so that is why I share them. Time reveals all things ….

God Bless You

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One day, eternity will come.

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