Just who is God The Father ?


Here are four common arguments people have told me are solid reasons for them to reject The Holy Trinity as God:

#1-God is an idiot.

#2-God is a sado-masochist.

#3-God is mentally-ill and mentally-retarded.

#4-God The Father is no Father, and is rather a devil.

Here are my responses to those 4-thoughts on whom God is:

#1-God is not an idiot. He has free-will just like you and knows all things. Just cause he was willing to create humans, knowing he would then come to Earth and die for them to be redeemed does not mean he is an idiot. It really means that he loves his creation.

#2-God was not a sadist in the Old Testament, nor was he a masochist in the New Testament. He had to punish humans for sin b/f he incarnated himself as Christ – where he then punished himself via crucifixion to save his creation.

#3-If those whom God draws to Heaven are all mentally-ill and mentally-retarded, then God himself is INFINITELY more ill and retarded then those human souls he creates to share his own Divine Life with in Heaven. Believe it or not, I have actually known people that say these things about God Almighty.

#4-God is certainly a Father and he will one day gather his elect from the four winds of Heaven. If you think it is cool to embrace the Devil as your Father, then what kind of darkness is entrenched in your heart and soul.

I do not like to have to write these things, but – they are necessary to share. We all need to realize that there is a Heaven and a Hell and a personal judgement awaiting each of us. I have certainly not put my entire life story in this web-site. Overall, I would say this is about 20% of my bio. If you want to read a much fuller and importantly, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT BIO – pick up your Holy Bible and read about the Greatest Man That Ever Lived: Jesus Christ and Thank God he came to rescue us from the fiery torments of Everlasting Hell.

Those whom go to Hell have destroyed their entire life and everything is stolen from them. Then, they sit in this remorse of conscience and soul Forever. We cannot really imagine how bad Hell is and those whom go there are truly mentally ill. This is the result of embracing The Devil’s Psychosis and it has captured a countless number of souls in the past, and thousands as well just today.

Psalm 2:4: “.He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them: and the Lord shall deride them.”

God Bless You



Author: yogurt50

One day, eternity will come.

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