Demons, Clairvoyance, and other things ….


I thought I would share some other strange, supernatural experiences I have had in my short time on Earth. If there indeed is no invisible, spiritual and supernatural world around us – then our experiences beyond what our human senses experience can be chalked up to some sort of fantasy or delusion. If there is an invisible world around us, then someone or something has to be in charge of it and that is the Being/Divine Person that I believe is the Holy Trinity – specifically God The Father.

As a child, I could see dark-spirits around certain relatives on my mother’s side of the family. I did not know what they were and I could sense a very strong evil about them. It made me feel sick and wanting to vomit. The feeling is still so strong in my mind, that I can recall it just like it was yesterday. In childhood, we cannot always recall memories with crystal-clear clarity, but with this situation I indeed recall it very well. When I got a little older, an honest Aunt of mine told me about the sins of those particular relatives and now I understand why I saw/felt what I did, as those people are filth.

There was also a resident of the town where I lived that was convicted for pedophilia, incest, and rape. When I was a child and before this male was caught and convicted, I saw that man several times in the grocery store when I was with my mother and I felt some invisible, black force that was extremely wicked. It felt almost as wicked as the dream where I saw the Devil or some high-ranking demon. I ran away from him the first time I met him. My mother looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I told my mother when we got home that there is something very scary/evil standing alongside him. Years after this, my grandmother told me about the man’s conviction and it made perfect sense.

There have also been pictures taken of me where there have been different looking spirits on the picture standing next to me. One in particular was the image of a green-spirit, about 8/9-feet tall, with very broad shoulders and a beard. In human terms, this being would weigh around 350-400-pounds. I do not know if that is some kind of witchcraft spirit or a good spirit, as I am not so well-versed in those details.

I have also had experiences of clairvoyance where I would be with friends or in public and I would hear that person’s voice in my mind, speaking specific sentences about various things. Several seconds after I heard those sentences in my mind, I would actually then see and hear the person say the exact same words out loud, either to me or to someone else !!!! I would not say anything about those experiences to any one – I would just sit back and enjoy the show, so to speak.

I consider this to be some sort of psychic realm and I refuse to delve into that realm, as the realm concerning The Holy Trinity is the only True and Infallible Spiritual Realm I feel I can trust and rely on. There is also the Demonic realm and I want no commitment/relationship to that realm. I am not afraid of it, per  and the reason I do not want anything to do with the Demonic is b/c it operates in Lies and Death – which are the two main sins that oppose the plans of God.

There was also a time in my youth that I was at a party with over 75-people. I probably had a few beers and smoked some cigarettes. Overall, I was not high and I was quite sober and chillin’. Now, a good friend of mine had dropped some LSD (which I do not advocate for anyone to do) and was “trippin’-balls” as he would oft say. He was one of the few people that I have chosen to disclose many of my strange life experiences too.

He went over to a white wall and called me to attention. He was giggling and put his hand on the wall, which was white in color. My friend said to me: “I am going to think of a color and then put my hand on the wall and I want you to tell me what color you see.” So, he put his hand on the wall and I focused on him and looked him straight in the eyes. Then, I thought for a bit and looked at the wall. I then saw a blue circle appear on the white wall and told my friend: “I see blue”. My friend said that was the color he was thinking of and he looked at me and kinda shook his head in disbelief.

He wanted to guinea pig me for another experiment, which I agreed too. He again touched that wall and this time asked me to tell him what animal he was thinking of. I thought for a bit as I did before and said: “An elephant”, as I saw an elephant appear on the wall next to his hand. At this point, my friend got freaked out and said his curiosity was satisfied for the nite.

Now, God certainly does not tell me everything and considering how much we experience if we live to be 70-years, then even if we were to know 1000s’ of event before they happen, that is still a drop in the overall bucket of life. Some may ask if God plays favorites because he gives certain gifts of miracles, prophecies, faith, etc. to certain people and not to others. God knows who will respond to his Grace, and he knows who will hate his guts and reject his graces. Those gifts are to glorify God and are not something a person should ever boast about, as though that power is of their own doing.

As adults, I believe we all need to guard against the influences from within ourselves, and from outside of ourselves. If there are evil spirits, then they want to pimp and play with all of us, as a child plays with their toys. A person that is occupied with hating goodness and virtue, ultimately needs an exorcism. The problem with exorcising such people is the evil spirits that pimp them have them so bound and submerged, that without a special grace they will not reach out for proper help. That kind of essential help is unfortunately very difficult to find in these days of Apostasy.

People who hate God are really hurting inside and are not happy with their lives in this world. They would persecute, mock, and revile their own mother, wife, children, brother etc., and any person that brought them Love and Truth that is meant to help them. I do not think we need judge that person until all avenues of help have been attempted. “There but for the Grace of God go I” and we all have a personal battle with evil that we should choose to fight against. I think we are left with only two choices: Be a slave to God – or wimp-out and just give in too all the depraved vices our human nature can pump-out. What does The Bible say God thinks of such spirits ?

Luke 10:20: “But yet rejoice not in this, that spirits are subject unto you; but rejoice in this, that your names are written in heaven.”

Peace Be With You



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One day, eternity will come.

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