Do I have the same Authority as Moses and St. Peter ?


Ever wonder why many preachers/priests are rebellious, arrogant pricks when it comes right down to it ? In the past when I would engage in conversations with preachers/priests, many times it ended when I was told that I am not a Christian for believing in God the way that I do. Some may say that I am being rude or overly critical. However, let’s analyze this part of human nature, if we shall. Now, I do not speak so much of those that sit in the pews and do their honest best to follow and serve Jesus. This is the wise thing to do, as The Bible says we are to Trust God and Not Man, when it comes right down to it.

Is it important to trust God, that he will not lie or deceive ? Of course it is. Is God infallible, or does he reveal something at one point in time as Eternally True – and, then God hypothetically says to himself: “Hey …. Wait a minute …. Nah, I better change that Dogma I revealed cause this preacher right here disagrees with me and does not like My Truth.” God is definitively infallible and he has the final word in all things.

For example, let us say that a Preacher/Priest says you need to accept his understanding/preaching of Justification b/f God. Whether it is Faith Alone, or Faith and Works (cooperating w/ God’s Supernatural Grace) for Salvation. Now, let us a say member of his Church says to that preacher: “I disagree with you and here is why ….” Now, after both have spoken, the preacher gets really pissed and kicks the member out of his “Church” for disagreeing w/ him.

And then that member gets the idea to rent a building down the road and open his own Church. Maybe he steals a few of the members from that preacher’s Church and a mini-schism occurs. This is a good-ol’ stroking of the ego for both of these spiritual slobs, as it puffs up their flesh and makes them feel prideful importance that is not of God.

My question to either of those preachers/priests is this: Are you infallible on matters of Faith and Morals ? If you are infallible, prove it. If you admit that you are not infallible, then why hate someone for disagreeing with you. We all need time to learn, of course – but, the problem these types of preachers have is that when confronted with obvious Truth, they Lie even more about their false authority. Those kind of fools think they can put God The Father in shackles and manipulate his Divine Plans.

The Truth of Infallibility is likely the most hated Truth from God b/c it draws a clear line in the sand b/t What God The Fathers says Vs What some Heretic/Apostate says about Eternal Truths. Was Moses infallible when God The Father gave him the 10-Commandments and others times God spoke to him ? Yes, of course. God has to have one person existing in the world to assure that people can be guided into what is True Vs What is False.

What Pope Pius IX infallible when he promulgated the Dogma of The Immaculate Conception of BV Mary in 1854 ? Yes, b/c in 1858, God The Father confirmed this when he sent BV Mary to appear in Lourdes, France to St. Bernadette Soubirous. Also, the fact that a Pope (anti-pope John 23rd) was given the chance to make the decision on The Real 3rd Secret of Fatima – whether to start the Great Apostasy or prevent it, further proves That a True Pope is an Infallible Prophet on doctrine of Faith or Morals. This is a power that can be exercised under strict conditions and has been used only twice: The Dogma of The Immaculate Conception and The Dogma of The Assumption.

Personally, I think that God knows well the danger of having more than one person on Earth invested with the Power of Infallibility. It is stressful enough for God to convince one human to totally submit to his rule. Therefore, to risk involving 2-people, for example, in the Infallible Prophetic Process would further burden God with a plethora of additional problems. Consider the myriad of issues God would already encounter each day while choosing to deal with the weaknesses/sins of say Moses, St. Peter, or Myself.

And this is only God having to deal with his infallible, yet fragile human voice. We are not even yet considering the almost infinite number of sorrows God will suffer trying to get humanity to listen to that one person whom he has chosen. Too sum it up with human verbiage: It appears God The Father is screwed.

Consider what the New York Catechism says about the powers of a True Pope:

The New York Catechism: “The Pope takes the place of Jesus Christ on earth…by divine right the Pope has supreme and full power in faith, in morals over each and every pastor and his flock. He is the true vicar, the head of the entire church, the father and teacher of all Christians. He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas, the author of and the judge of councils; the universal ruler of truth, the arbiter of the world, the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, God himself on earth.”

Now, if this above statement is true and one man is vested with these powers by God, when properly applied and understood – things will go well on Earth, for the most part. However, just imagine what would happen to The RCC (Roman Catholic Church); All of Christianity (Protestant and Orthodox); and society if Heretic anti-popes and even an Apostate (Francis whom is sitting in Rome) sit in this position of Spiritual Authority ? We would see a sick world, destitute of love and grace and filled with lies. That is human society in 2017 and the Masonic infiltration of The Chair of St. Peter proves The Devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy what God The Father has set-up. Quote from The Masonic Literature titled, Alta Vendita (which was stated in the 1800s’): “”In a hundred years time…bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in fact they will be following our flag…”

Another thing to consider is the fact that both Moses and St. Peter were not educated in Seminary, with 3-years of Latin and 10-years of Formation. They were not Scholastic’s that held their pig-like nose high in the air, as though they have some sort of supremacy cause they have several degrees and doctorates. Moses was a shepherd and St. Peter was a fisherman.

We understand that nowadays it is of course necessary to have seminary (Catholic or Protestant) formation to prepare humans for service to God. This is needed b/c there have only been 2 people with the level of God-Authorized Authority that Moses and St. Peter had – out of billions-and-billions of souls created by God The Father.

Think of how many billions of people that, no matter what – would rebuke Moses and St. Peter too their faces and say that they do not have the authority that they claim to have from God. Because of this rejection, does that mean that Moses/St. Peter do not have that God-given Authority ? No, they still have it cause the Authority comes from God – and is not dependent on some ant-like human beings opinion.

Was Moses concerned w/ his Doctorates on his wall and a lotta books sitting on his office self, to look smart to his church members ? No. Was St. Peter consumed with wearing a white cassock and indulging in the tight-buttocks of cutie-pie seminarians ? No. They were concerned with shutting their mouths and doing God’s Will and God knew this. That is why he elected them and trusted them with such a hefty mission.

Whether or not I have the same Authority as Moses or St. Peter has no real impact on the breadth of planet Earth, cause I will not be able to exercise that God-Given Authority if I have been graced with it. The best thing for planet Earth would be for Anti-Pope Francis to abdicate from his position in Rome and end his shenanigans. Then, I could perch my cracker-butt on the Throne of St. Peter and I would excommunicate The Lies of Vatican 2 and show God The Father the Love and Respect that he deserves.

I think it is wise for all of us to not get caught up with the ideas and ramblings of Preachers or Priests that self-appoint themselves as Teachers, Apostles, and Prophets – cause oft times, they are The Biggest Deceivers on Earth. I suggest we all ask Jesus to lead and guide us into All Truth – and cooperate as best we can w/ the Graces and Helps he gives us.

Luke 16:31: “And he said to him: If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead.”

God Bless You

Author: yogurt50

One day, eternity will come.

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